Hi Everyone,Should I get a new host?

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Tyler Cruz, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Tyler Cruz

    Tyler Cruz Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm wondering if I should start looking for a new host. I'm currently paying
    $20 for 30gigs bandwidth a month (including a ton of other great additions,
    great service, superb uptime, etc) and their highest plan is 80 bucks a
    month for 55 gigs.. please read my original email below which I sent to my
    host. I'm thinking I may have to get a new host.. and was wondering if you
    could give me some ideas of how much it would cost for a well known and
    reputated host that gives 100+ gigs a month to cost...


    Tyler Cruz
    twcruz *at* hotmail.com


    I have been beginning to get a lot more traffic into my site, and was
    wondering if you planned on adding special 'bandwidth' add-on's to accounts.
    Today alone I used up 6 gigs of bandwidth, making an average month of 160
    gigs. I don't normally get this much traffic, but I estimate in about a
    months time I will be averaging 3 gigs bandwidth a day.

    I've been with XXXXXXXX for 2 years now and really like it. I also don't
    want to go through the HUGE pain of changing hosts, and configuring all my
    databases, scripts, to it. I don't know of anything that is quite as
    annoying as that.

    So how about it? Maybe you could do something like, for each 10 additional
    gigs per month, you could charge $2 bucks.. etc.

    Please let me know! I may have to be forced to look for a new host!

    Tyler Cruz, Dec 26, 2003
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  2. Click the link "host" at the bottom of my Frontpage: http://davmagic.com
    ... they have everything you want and more!
    Davmagic .Com, Dec 26, 2003
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  3. Hywel Jenkins, Dec 26, 2003
  4. Davmagic .Com, Dec 26, 2003
  5. Look at


    They have tons of bandwidth for a very less price. Uptime is also excellent.

    - Anurag Minocha
    anurag minocha, Dec 26, 2003
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