How to build role based app?



I'm in the concept stage of putting together a web application.
Certain featues will be available only if the person has been given
access. This is based on their particular subscription. I can create
database tables that have an entry for each user and the features they
have access to. The logic that decides whether the feature should be
diplayed or not (reading values from tables) will be at the .NET class

I want to make this load as fast as possible so the user has a good
experience. Once values are read from the database, I can cache them,
although I will still have to do the logic part. That means hitting
the disk to load the class again (right?). I don't have much
experience designing role based apps and would like suggestions.

What is the best way to go about designing this type of role based app
with speed in mind?

Also, the app will go into a subfolder on my site. It will act as a
mini website for each user (from above) that creates an app. Visitors
will be able to view these apps. They see only features that are
available to the owner of that app (based on his subscriptions). How
should the cache be used in this case (session based on client, server,
etc?) or should the cache be used.


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