How to keep and access the video files outside public folder

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Saurabh Purnaye, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. HI all,
    I m using flashplayer helper for playing the videos, but i m getting an
    error if i tried to fetched them from out side the public/swf folder.
    The default path is public/swf... i have tried to change the path in the
    plugin also but it gives an error of no route found matching.. As all
    know its very risky to keep the private video files in the public, and
    all the files are accessible to the users..
    So please guide me in this direction..
    Saurabh Purnaye, Jan 7, 2008
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  2. I think you should tell us first what framework you are using so we
    can redirect you to the proper mailing list.

    ^ manveru
    Michael Fellinger, Jan 7, 2008
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