How To Stop ASP.NET 1.1 Session Being Shared Across Tabs?


Phil Johnson

Hello, I have an ASP.NET 1.1 application that experiences difficulties if
opened in more than one tab of a multitabbed browser.

I believe this is because the ASP.NET Session cookie is shared across the

We found some information online about resolving this by killing the old
session when it is opened in a new tab and giving it a new session but we
could not get that working because ASP.NET seemed to recycle the last session.

Does anybody have a decent resolution for this or know of any good
information I can look into?


Phillip Johnson (MCSD For .NET)
PJ Software Development



bruce barker

all tab instances share the same cookie, so they will all share the same
session. you can switch to cookieless sessions which would allow a different
session per tab, or using a hidden field keep a key to the session data by

-- bruce (