Html forms, xml and Xforms?

Discussion in 'HTML' started by William Gill, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. William Gill

    William Gill Guest

    I am a one man shop and may go many months without using a specific
    technology (flash, php, python, etc.) So when I have to update things,
    or add new items there is always a (re)learning curve to deal with. I
    like to try to do as much background updating as I go, replacing
    deprecated items, and such. This is further complicated when I search
    and get supporting articles that may no longer be relevant.

    Now I am re-doing a couple of html forms and am wondering if it is worth
    the investment (in time and effort) to explore the "next generation of
    web forms?"

    I looked into employing xml in my form data, but as far as I can see
    there is no real reason to change from the simple html form and cgi
    scripting that's been around for ever.

    I understand there are portability, and standardization issues, but If I
    have to write the scripting or programming to parse and process the
    individual data fields, does it really make a difference if I use name
    value pairs or xml?

    I have one application that makes extensive use of a database, and the
    user form gets changed semi-regularly, but the user does not access the
    db, I do. Just to show you my mindset, I don't believe in dynamics for
    dynamics's sake. Many of the pages on that site are db generated, but
    the site uses only static pages. Because I can anticipate the user
    request, I run a script that generates a couple hundred static pages and
    publish them instead of asking the server to generate each page with
    each user request.

    Anyway, I would like some thoughts on the current state of html forms,
    and what direction I should consider, along with the some of the pros
    and cons.


    William Gill, Jul 7, 2007
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