I am not sure what to do :(

Jun 6, 2023
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Hi, I am new to this website and this is actually my first time ever making any type of post anywhere. Anyways, I am a 2nd year CS student and I am struggling in Theoretical CS 2 and Data Structs and Algos. First year was a breeze and I really thought that I was good at this stuff. Although once second year rolled around I got bitched around by these two classes specifically. The main issue for me is I feel I understand the topics, I am able to do well on assignments and when I am practicing everything seems to be coming to be easily. Although when there is a test I feel I choke, everything I studied feels useless and I am just stuck there not knowing what to do. I am posting here for any advice on what I should do in order to get a better understanding of these topics. I have a whole summer so I want to be able to actually understand the topics before going into my next year. Thanks for helping it means a lot.

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