IPC, buffering, and Win32


perl coder

I'm trying to run an external program in Windows (with ActivePerl),
using the piped-open method:

open (PIPE, $cmd_line);
while (<PIPE>) {
# process data

All is well and good when my code is run from a shell window, but when I
make a shell-less version (it's a Perl/Tk program compiled with the -gui
argument in perlapp), the data becomes buffered, and that really cramps
my style. :-(

I know that you can trick a program to believe it's running on a
terminal using IO::pty or Expect, but there doesn't seem to be a PPM for
those modules in ActivePerl 5.8! At least I don't see anything at
even though there seems to be compiled versions for Perl 5.6...

Did Perl 5.8 break those modules, or did they forget to compile them, or
are they available somewhere else?


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