Java printing Margins


Knute Johnson

Oddly, I can't set anything apart from 25.4 mm margins on your program. I
can set one of the margins how I like, but a soon as I tab to the next
(or just click on it) the one I just changed reverts to 25.4 mm. I was
going to see what happened if I printed an image with zero width margins
all round.

PS: and OTT: Knute, I've just been watching a BBC program about D-Day
technology, which showed shots of Horsa troop-carrying gliders landing,
seen from the ground. I don't think I've even seen such steep approaches
(the Horsa could manage a 1:2 approach angle) or such low level and
sudden rotations into the flare. The film is here:

though I don't know if you'll be able to see it as the BBC often limits
viewing the the UK. However, I'm told there are a lot of videos of Horsas
on U-tube. Well, there are, but most are pretty bad. This is one of the
better ones:

The BBC video is blocked. The Horsa with those big flaps would really
come down. Better than the Waco CG4As.

My folks had a friend who was a glider troop. He was training in the
the northeast US somewhere when the war ended. He told me that during
training he never "landed" in a glider. They were always destroyed when
they came to a stop. He wasn't looking forward to actually being in a
combat landing.

Have you see this video?


Knute Johnson

No, that is not yet, but I will see it. It looks interesting and is
bookmarked for future reference.

BTW, there are persistent stories that a few CG4As were thermalled during
training out west, presumably without a full load of troops on board!
Thinking of that, you may enjoy this bit of fun. Note the flap settings
during high speed passes.

When I was towing gliders at El Mirage in the middle 70s, there were
stories of guys that had soared CG4As. I never met any of them but it
hadn't been that long after the war then. A couple of years later when
I was a powered airplane flight instructor, we regularly had students
that were WWII military pilots that were taking up flying again after 30
years. Sometimes they were awful and we had to tell some of them to go
back to golf.

Great ridge. I've only ridge soared once and that was in Hawaii at
Dillingham. That was 30 years ago too.

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