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Slim Baltagi

Hello all

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of JRubyHub.com : a One-Stop
Knowlwdge Base dedicated to JRuby. JRuby is an interpreter of the Ruby
language written in Java. JRuby allows Java code to be easily called
from Ruby, enables Ruby on Rails applications to be deployed as WAR
files and take advantage of existing application server features such
as scalability and failover, supports real threads, can be used for
domain specific languages and more.

JRubyHub.com provides free, easy and fast access to hundreds of JRuby
resources organized in several categories and sub-categories:

- JRuby Daily Digest: List of all blogs, articles, presentations,
interviews and news added to JRubyHub.com in the current month and in
all previous months back to September 2006.

- JRuby Quick Start (JRuby Terminology, JRuby Tutorials, Sample Book
Chapters, JRuby Reference Documentation, JRuby Project)

- JRuby Usage (Sample Applications/Code, Real-World Usage)

- Community Support (JRuby Forums, JRuby Mailing Lists, Ruby/Rails
User Groups, JRuby FAQs)

- JRuby InfoSources (JRuby Articles, JRuby Presentations, JRuby Blogs,
JRuby Wikis, JRuby Interviews, JRuby News)

- JRuby Products (JRuby Libraries, JRuby Tools, JRuby Books)

- JRuby Services (JRuby Consulting, JRuby Trainings, JRuby Jobs)

- Related Resources (Dynamic Scripting Languages, Ruby
Implementations, Miscellaneous, ...)

Based on your feedback and the feedback of visitors from around the
world, JRubyHub.com capabilities will evolve to better serve the fast
expanding JRuby and JRuby on Rails community.

Warm regards,

Slim Baltagi
Chicago, USA


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