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I have a powerful Ipad with a nice usb keyboard and I need to develop java on the go.
( I am doing little programs, do not need big screens at the moment)

-Orion :the Eclipse project does not support java.
-Koding.com: does not allow to start Eclipse, i download it from the linux bash but does not support graphic X11 libraries i guess
-Codenvy: is not Eclipse, and does not compile my programs in an easy way.

there is a way to run eclipse from a browser?( so that I can use my ipad ona wifi bar) the browser puffin simulates a mouse so it is pretty good, thekeyboard bluetooth are really responsive, the screen is small, but decent and the processor really fast I7.

One could say you cannot expect for free to have windows 7 with a couple ofgiga storage( i mean indipendent, completely in the cloud, not remote control)so I why considering that there are a lot of kinda dropbox services there are not free operative systems like linux that offer to install programscompletely in the cloud? If i could have a linux box with limited storage I would install via browser eclipse in graphic modality , why this does notexist?
thank you


Op donderdag 12 juni 2014 17:55:03 UTC+2 schreef (e-mail address removed):

I have a powerful Ipad with a nice usb keyboard and I need to develop java on the go.
doh bluetooth obviously, bluetooth keyboard, sorry

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