New to mobile development - where to start - VS2005



New to mobile development

I am really confused as I browse Microsoft’s MSDN in regard to mobile
development and VS2005. I go to the mobile asp net page:
The things I read in here seem to refer to VS2003 or are just plain old. I
go to device update and the latest update is from Oct. 2003, .net framework

I see statements that mention quick starts as a place to learn about mobile
coding. I setup the quick starts that came with VS2005 Professional and I
cannot find anything in regard to mobile.

In the “Roadmap to Mobile Web Developmentâ€, it makes mention of
the upcoming 2.0 release. Hence, again old information.

Any help that you can provide in learning about developing for mobile
browser devices (cell phones etc.) would be appreciated. Things like basic
information, quick starts, and tutorials under VS2005.

Thanks very much.




Mr Reign


Im also struggling with Mobile Web Applications in VS 2005, I have played
with it in VS 2003 and have to say the Mobile Controls seem a little out

Did you have any luck finding any resources for Mobile Web Applications in
VS 2005, or do you think that Microsoft have quietly stopped any support in





I have had no response from anyone. I cannot believe that MS will not
support it for wireless is where a lot of action will be. In an asp 2.0 book
I purchased, the author claimed that mobile stuff was cut from the beta due
to time constraints. If that is so, I would expect to read it somewhere but
have not.

If you hear of something, let me know.

Good luck!

Al Smith

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