Novice: Installing Mobile Internet Toolkit?



Hello Friend,

Thanks for reviewing my question. I am not sure if this
is the right forum but I would like to know what is
required to install the Mobile Internet Kit. I have an
XP Pro with VS.NET, .NET Framework 1.1 and the .NET
Compact Framework installed. When I install the Mobile
Internet Kit, I received an error:

"Setup has detected an incompatible version of the
Microsoft .NET Framework. The Mobile Internet Toolkit
cannot be installed at this time."

Isn't this an addon for VS.NET? What is the Mobile
Internet Toolkit used for?

Many Thanks




Mark Fitzpatrick

The MMIT is only for the .Net Framework 1.0. The mobile namespaces are built
into the .Net Framework 1.1. VS.Net 2003 works with them without any add-in.
The Mobile Internet Toolkit is for building web pages viewed with devices
like cell phones, PDAs, and other portable devices with embedded browsers.

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage



Felix Wang

Hi Peter,

I agree with Mark here. I have also replied a similar post by you in
microsoft.public.vsnet.general. If you have time, you may have a look.


Felix Wang
Microsoft Online Partner Support
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