OpenGL/GLUT for Mac OS X, packaged

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by james, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. james

    james Guest

    I've just packaged up the latest revision of Yoshi's OpenGL/GLUT
    bindings to work on the Mac. This has required a little bit of hackery
    at extconf.rb and the .c files, but the result should compile following
    the standard steps on an OSX box (works fine on my Powerbook,

    === README.OSX ===

    2005-04-26 :: James Adam <>

    Ruby-OpenGL Bindings for Mac OS X

    So basically here's a tweaked version of the original OpenGL module for
    the Mac. To compile, just follow the same instructions as normal:

    Build it - don't worry too much about any warnings:
    $ ruby extconf.rb
    $ make

    Test it out:
    $ ruby sample/robot.rb
    (press the 'e' and 's' keys to make the "robot" move...)

    Install it:
    $ make install
    (or possibly "sudo make install", depending on where your ruby is)

    Changes I've made

    Added -framework flags and correct include directories
    Hacked to generate GLUT module even without detection of -lGLUT, since
    mkmf can't deal with the Mac GLUT framework

    Edited #includes to use <OpenGL/gl.h> and <GLUT/glut.h>

    I've added the function CheckLoop to the GLUT module in line with the
    same function in Apple's GLUT. GLUT's MainLoop is blocking and forces
    you to perform additoinal processing using GLUT's IdleFunc system,
    which can sometimes be very undesirable (particularly if you are using
    Ruby as the glue between two libraries which both feature this type of
    loop). CheckLoop allows you to cycle through a *single* GLUT processing
    loop, and then returns control to the calling thread/process. Thus, by
    periodically calling CheckLoop, you can get the scene to update without
    having GLUT seize control of the whole application.


    For some reason, including the libraries from the command line fails.
    For instance:

    $ irb
    irb(main):001:0> require 'opengl'; require 'glut'
    => true

    .... works fine, but:

    $ irb -r opengl
    [BUG] Bus Error
    ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [powerpc-darwin8.0.0]

    Abort trap

    .... clearly fails. Not sure about that.

    === EOF ===

    Anyway, feel free to grab it at and send me any
    comments or fixes. One day I'll spend enough time learning about mkmf
    to produce a proper patch so that the versions can be unified.
    james, Apr 26, 2005
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