Problem with AJAX controls after upgrading framework


Pravin Kulkarni


I am developing AJAX supported web application. Previously I had .Net
Framework 2.0 with Visual Studio 2005 and for that I installed ASP .Net 2.0
AJAX Extension to use AJAX controls in application. At that time it was
worked properly.

But now I have upgraded my Framework to .Net Framework 3.5 with Visual
Studio 2005, I have uninstalled previously installed AJAX Extension. And
want to use the AJAX controls provided by .Net Framework 3.5, so I added
these controls to Toolbox. But unfortunately when I am going to use these
controls it is still referencing to the previous version. I checked in
web.config for assembly version, but it is referencing to the previous

Afterall I am not able to use these AJAX controls provided by .Net framework

Anybody have solution on this problem.


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