Proxy issue


Craig Buchanan

I am able to connect Asp.Net v2 application to a remote .Net v2 webservice
by specifying the proxy settings in code:

Dim proxy As WebProxy = New WebProxy("")
proxy.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials
dim service as New RemoteWebservice
service.Proxy = proxy

I thought it would make more sense to move this to the application's
web.config file. I created the following entry:

<configuration xmlns="">
usesystemdefault = "false"

Finally, I removed the proxy coding listed above.

When I run the application, i get an error that reads:

HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required

Is there an issue w/ my web.config file, does there need to be additional
coding to get the proxy settings from the web.config file or it is something

Thanks for the help.

Craig Buchanan



Anderw Miller

I am having the same problem. The log on my ISA proxy server shows the
initial incoming request as "anonymous" and then does not show any subsequent
requests from the client to send the NTLM credentials. I have also looked at
the HTTP traffic on the client (using Fiddler) and I see the same thing --the
proxy returns 407 and the client never resends the request.

Note that my client is using .NET 1.1 with that standard .NET generated
proxies that derive from SoapHttpClientProtocol.

Can anyone comment on whether or not this is a known issue?

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