Discussion in 'Python' started by RichSaneSwindler, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. I think that pyscripter is the most promising Python IDE around and I
    am exciting about its possibilities. However, I find a few issues with
    it annoying enough that I don't use it. They seem easily fixed in
    which case I think it would be superior to most IDEs. I am wondering
    if any users out there would like to add to/debate this list of
    benefits and issues (for reference I am using Pyscripter

    Pyscripter Benefits:

    - very fast, stable GUI (compare this with Wing IDE which is
    horrendously slow)
    - screen lay it clean and uncluttered
    - source completion is lightning fast and I like the option to search
    files for selected modules
    - source completion searches submodules (as in "os.path.")
    - function search, etc.

    Pyscripter Issues:

    1. smart tabbing:
    a. If I place the cursor anywhere in a, hitting the tab should
    properly indent the line to (most often) the unique correct place or
    (less often) to its best guess as to where to tab. Right now the
    editor inserts a tab, which I never want to do.
    a Smart tabbing for multiline expressions (eg expressions broken
    within parens) does not work well.

    2. there is no source completion for local variables (or at least I
    cannot figure out how to use it). This is a major difference between
    it and Wing IDE.

    3. source completion is easily fooled. If I type "os.path.join(fnam"
    and then backspace to "", the completion menu does not come
    back up. The same statement goes for the tooltips for functions.

    4. lack of emacs key bindings as an option: yes you can add them, but
    adding shortcuts is very difficult due to the fact that key bindings
    are listed in both the IDE and Editor options section.

    5. poor module handling in debugger mode/within the editor. I have not
    fully figured out what is going on, but a modules behavior during
    debugging or execution within the editor does not fully match behavior
    outside of it. E.g., when you run a module in debugger mode its
    behavior is not the same as if you run it from the command prompt. I
    think that the module is not loaded. To see this, create a module and
    type "print __file__" in some function. This will work from the
    command prompt but not from the module. If you add "from module-name
    import __file__" this solves it, but you should not have to do that.

    6. No "Doc String" list. It would be nice if when you put the cursor
    over a function a window would display the full docstrings of the

    7. The function tool tips (ie what you see when you hover over a
    function or open parens) are primitive looking and could show more of
    the functions docstrings.
    - poor module re-loading. If I import moduleA into moduleB and then
    change moduleA, when I debug, the change is not reloaded (as far as I
    can tell). This is aggravating.

    8. lack of "IPython" like interface in the shell. Would be nice if
    emacs keybindings were available.

    9. (would be nice) Refactoring capabilities (ala Eclipse's
    capabilities, especially for Python)

    10. The web page has a much newer
    build than

    I want to emphasize again that despite this lists length I think the
    core aspects of the system (speed and stability) are far and away
    better than anything else I have used.

    Thank you,

    Neil Chriss
    RichSaneSwindler, Aug 5, 2007
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  2. RichSaneSwindler

    Stef Mientki Guest

    but for windows only !
    and I
    PyScripter has it's own discussion list
    and from my own experiences,
    I know that Kiriakos (the designer) is very willing to listen to good ideas,
    and if they are good he'll implement them in no time !

    Stef Mientki, Aug 5, 2007
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  3. Thanks, I will copy my message there.

    RichSaneSwindler, Aug 6, 2007
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