searching a table



I have a page that has a formview on it with a tabcontainer inside the
formview. There are approx 50 fields (total) in the different tabpanels of
the tabcontainer. The formview/tabcontainer is populated thru a dropdownlist
that is used to select the item. Sqldatasource is behind the dropdownlist
and the formview. Also on the page is a textbox and button for searching.
The search is against one table in the db. The user types in the CR number
(ex: 977), clicks the button and the record should appear as if it was
selected from the dropdownlist. The only problem is, nothing happens on the
button click. I went thru a sqldatasource and indicated a control (the
txtbox). Tested the sqldatasource and typed in a cr number and the correct
one was shown. No doubt I missed something but can't figure out what. This
is a conversion of a small and simple Access application that the users have
gotten familiar with the search (type number, click Go, record shows). It is
also a "practice" conversion to get ready for the big one later this year. I
am flexible on the searching method and how it is done but need to make it
simple for the users. So if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, suggestions,
site links, I am willing to entertain it all.


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