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A common problem when you generate executable on Windows 7 and deploy
on Windows XP.

According with the py2exe tutorial, you need include the MVC DLL. But
the tutorial is old and the script given search only in one directory.
Before, the directory contained all DLL and the manifest, but nowadays
it contains only the DLL. You need to specify another directory for
the manifest file. If you don't do that, you will have this kind of

"this application has failed to start because the application
configuration is incorrect"

If you are on Windows 7 64 bits, you need the Microsoft Visual C
runtime DLL. Don't forget the manifest that isn't in the same
directory in Windows 7. You need to adapt the script like this:

data_files = [("VC90", glob(r'C:\Windows\winsxs
("VC90", glob(r'C:\Windows\winsxs\Manifests
console = [{'script': "C:\test\"}],
zipfile = None,

Now you can deploy the "dist" directory that contains all files and


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