Think Silicon announces IP Partnership programme


Iakovos Stamoulis

Patras, Greece – February 28th, 2008 – Think Silicon Ltd, a design
services and IP core provider company introduces an IP Partnership
programme through the on-line IPGenius parametrization platform. Think
Silicon targets captive IP in companies and contractors who have no IP
business model and can provide them with additional revenues by
commercializing internal IP designs to market.
Think Silicon, located in Patras, Greece was founded in 2007 with the
aim to provide ESL system level design solutions via web-based IP and
system level configuration tools. The company provides fabless
semiconductor companies and integrated device manufacturers a solution
to immediately obtain cores and subsystems tailored to their needs
without spending time and effort customizing them to suit their application.

The IP Partnership programme is aimed towards companies and contractors
who have developed cores for internal use, but are unable or unwilling
to sell and support their designs in the market. Think Silicon works
closely with those companies to allow them to commercialize their
designs by utilizing the IPGenius platform API and providing them with
live usage status. Furthermore, a clear and transparent business model
is provided where IPs are obtained in source code form with simple
licensing terms and an online IP shop to facilitate the ordering process.

“We believe there is a lot of core competency in companies and
contractors who develop cores for internal use, but these valuable
designs never reach the open market. We work closely with them to bring
IPs up to quality and configurability standards that are expected in the
market.” said Dr. Iakovos Stamoulis, Director of Technology of Think

“Think Silicon's solution allowed us to leverage our internal IP to
higher level of configurability, generate additional revenues and
provided us with a transparent interface towards licensees of our
design.” said E. Mariatos, CEO of Diaplous Ltd, a Machine Vision
solution provider and an IP Partner of Think Silicon.

Independent contractors who have retained rights to their designs are
also welcomed to join the programme and benefit from joint marketing

"The IP Partnership program made it possible to commercialize advanced
research in Galois Field Arithmetic. Chip designers will no longer be
constrained by a lack understanding of this esoteric branch of
mathematics which is the foundation of commercial coding and
cryptography algorithms. The IPGenius generator creates the Galois Field
hardware for you" said Rajesh Pathak, an independent contractor.

IPGenius portfolio of IP is extended with a Multichannel DMA Engine
Think IP core, a CMOS Camera Sensor Interface, a Galois Field Multiplier
and a JTAG TAP Boundary wrapper provided by external companies and
contractors. For further information visit Think Silicon at DATE'08
Conference & Exhibition, 11-13th March, Munich, Germany (Booth C2) or
visit .

About IPGenius
IPGenius is an on-line tool for the generation of parametrisable IP
modules that can be used in Semiconductor devices. This tool allows the
generation of custom-made IP modules from a selection of modules that
can be customised according to users' requirements, packaged and
delivered to the end-user via the internet. The tool hosts a rapidly
expanding portfolio of proprietary and partner Semiconductor IP (SIP)
modules, that can be parametrized to user requirements from an easy to
use Graphical web interface. It is available by visiting

Think Silicon Ltd
Think Silicon is an employee-owned company that delivers design
services, consultancy, IP Cores, project management and training in all
aspects of digital chip design. The company is a member of the Hellenic
Semiconductor Industry Association (Hellenic-SIA), a non-profit
association of high-technology companies with the mission to fuel the
growth of the Semiconductors and Embedded Systems sector in Greece.
Think Silicon has design,engineering and marketing forces in Patras and

Cautionary Language
This press release contains forward-looking statements based on Think
Silicon's belief and expectations. These forward-looking statements
involve risks and uncertainties. A number of important factors could
cause actual results to differ materially from those in the
forward-looking statements. Think Silicon disclaims any intention or
obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether
as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

CONTACT: Think Silicon Ltd.
(e-mail address removed)
SOURCE: Think Silicon Ltd.

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