FPGA-Camp - A mini conference on FPGAs, (Aug'26, Silicon Valley)



Announcing the 1st ever FPGACamp event at Silicon Valley on Aug'26th.
Attendance is FREE.
More details & registration at http://www.fpgacentral.com/fpgacamp

TOPIC: "High Speed Serial Interface: Protocols, IPs & Devices"

The idea behind FPGA Camp is to bring semiconductor engineers together
and discuss FPGA, mainly NextGen FPGA technology, application,
methodology, best practices and challenges. Also provide a location to
meet other local FPGA designers to share their stories.

We are hoping that this would act as a platform to bring all the FPGA
users together more often.


5:30 PM- 6:00 PM: Registration and demo

6:00 PM- 7:00 PM: Tech Talk- "High Speed Serial Interface: Protocols,
IPs & Devices"

7:00 PM- 7:30 PM: Vendor talk- a brief talks from the vendors offering
High Speed Serial Interface devices or IPs. (5 to 10 Mins each).

7:30 PM- 8:00 PM: Networking and exhibits

Recent expansion in the video usage and growth in the Internet use
have created a demand to move more data faster than ever. To meet this
demand, system & chip designers are moving towards high speed serial
interfaces such as PCIe, XAUI, Interlaken, XFI, 10GbE etc.

With FPGA devices currently supporting speeds upto ~12.5Gb per IO
pair, which makes FPGAs a unique choice for the next design.

This talk will focus on familiarizing people with various protocols
(both currently used & emerging), IPs & Devices which can be used to
solve the next system problem.

The talk will be followed by quick presentations from some of the
vendors offering these solutions (no marketing talk, only technical).

Registration: FREE! Feel free to bring a friend. For Registration/
RSVP visit http://www.fpgacentral.com/fpgacamp or


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