only 7 days to go - 4th FPGA Camp - 6'Apr 2011 Silicon Valley

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Vikram, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Vikram

    Vikram Guest

    FPGA Camp ( is a conference,
    which brings engineers together to discuss FPGA, mainly NextGen FPGA
    technology, application, methodology, best practices and challenges.
    Also provide a location to meet other local FPGA designers to share
    their stories.

    Since its inception in Year 2009, FPGA Camp decided to stay vendor
    neutral. The attendance is completely FREE and so is putting up a
    booth. Due to the this approach we soon have been coined as an Open
    Source conference by Industry leaders like Eric Bogatin, Colin Warwick
    & Max Maxfield.


    The event will focus on demonstrating key technologies available to
    bring processor inside the FPGAs. It will provide a glimpse of what to
    expect in the future, and how to use these great features for your
    next project.

    AGENDA (visit for details)
    4:00 PM Exhibit booths
    4:25 PM Introductions
    4:30 PM Tech Talk 1: On Die Instrumentation
    5:05 PM Tech Talk 2: PCIe 3.0 case study
    5:40 PM Tech Talk 3: Design Choices for Embedded Real-Time Control
    6:15 PM Dinner & Exhibit
    6:45 PM Vendor Presentation
    7:00 PM Panel: "State Of FPGAs - Current & Future" - Moderated by Dave
    Orecchio, CEO, Gaterocket
    8:15 PM Closing

    Speakers & Moderator
    Dave Orecchio - GateRocket Gordon Hands - Lattice Chris Eddington -
    Synopsys Dave Bursky - Chip Design Magazine and more...

    Lattice Semiconductor
    Rhino Labs
    Agilent Technologies

    REGISTER NOW (registration is FREE & Simple)

    Organized by: FPGA Cenral ( )
    Vikram, Mar 29, 2011
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