Turbogears 2 training this weekend in Washington, DC USA


Alex Clark

Hi all,

Sorry for the short notice.

We (the Zope/Python Users Group of DC) are having a
TurboGears 2 training class this weekend in Washington, DC USA
taught by core developer Chris Perkins.

Please consider attending! And, I would appreciate you spreading the
word to anyone you think may be interested as well.

Details are here:


And here is a taste:


The DC Python Meetup is pleased to present Turbogears 2 training,
delivered by Turbogears core developer Christopher Perkins. You can
register now at http://tg2-class.eventbrite.com/

Turbogears is a modern python web framework with a powerful ORM
(the one and only SQLAlchemy), designer friendly templates, and a
widget system that simplifies Ajax development. If you're a web
developer interested in expanding your toolkit or a python developer
who wants to dabble in the web space, this training is an excellent
opportunity to learn an agile and mature web framework.

The training itself will be wonderfully practical, taking you from
basic setup to a real application over the course of a day. You're
invited to bring your own data, so that you can work with Chris to
start migrating that legacy PHP app you have sitting around to
Python beauty. This hands-on training aims to bring students up to
speed with TurboGears 2, its administration interface, and touch
common deployment scenarios. Students will also get to customize
auto generated forms and tables.


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