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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by vaib, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. vaib

    vaib Guest

    Hey all,

    I am in the process of building a web app targeted at smart phone
    users. It's a web app so it'll use the browser on the phone.

    Now there's a problem. I am a web developer at work and I have never
    developed a web app targeted for mobile phones.

    I want to know whether there are any tools\emulators which I can
    download and see how my site would look on the mobile screen. Also, I
    want to know about some design principles when developing a web app
    for mobiles. So if you know about any such good resources kindly point
    me to them.

    Thanking in anticipation.
    vaib, Jul 26, 2011
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  2. vaib

    Andy Guest


    You might find this useful...


    Andy, Jul 27, 2011
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  3. vaib

    Tom vC Guest


    I'm in a similar situation. I have found a couple useful tools for
    simulating smartphones:

    1) To emulate an Android device, get the Android SDK:

    2) Blackberry offers simulators: http://www.blackberry.com/developers/downloads/simulators/

    3) Unfortunately, you need a Mac in order to simulate the iPhone and
    iPad. I am testing using an iPod Touch, however, since it is cheaper
    than an iPhone and is basically the same thing but without phone

    4) When developing on the desktop (in between testing on the
    smartphone), I use the Google Chrome browser. It is based on WebKit,
    which is the engine for the default browsers on the iPhone and Android
    devices. (Safari is also based on WebKit).

    I don't think anything can beat testing on actual smartphones,
    however. I have found that some things that worked fine on my desktop
    were too slow on the actual phone.

    There are two frameworks that seem to be pretty good for mobile
    browsers. But neither are quite mature yet.

    1) Sensa Touch. It's a pure JavaScript framework. Main drawback (A
    killer for me): it only works with WebKit right now.

    2) jQuery Mobile. It augments existing HTML. But it is still in beta,
    and has some issues.

    Here are some links I have found to be helpful:

    Tom vC
    Tom vC, Jul 27, 2011
  4. vaib

    vaib Guest

    thanks a lot. that was really helpful :)
    vaib, Aug 27, 2011
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