Unable to debug ASP.NET app as a non-admin user




I'm able to create, debug, and run ASP.Net projects when I login as a
user with admin privileges. However if I logon to the same machine as
a user without admin privileges, I get the following message when I
try to debug an ASP.Net application:

"Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging on the
web server. Access is denied. Click Help for more information."

I'm still able to create, build, and run the app (directly from the
browser) as a non-admin user. Debugging seems to be the only issue.

I'm using VS.Net 2003; .Net framework 1.1; IIS 5.1. Windows XP SP2.

The non-admin user is included in the Debugger users group.

Any help in resolving the issue will be highly appreciated.



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