*URGENT* Anyone keen to helpout to design a Elevator controller VHDLfile using altera *URGENT*

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by asuraseed, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. asuraseed

    asuraseed Guest

    The following requirement need to be designed in Quartus and Max EPM7128SLC84-7

    A building has an elevator accessing 3 levels. You are to design an elevator controller
    with the following specifications:

    1) The elevator has 2 switches for user to select either up or down. The seven-segment should display the count until the level is reached.

    2) When in the elevator, the user selects the desired level. The seven-segment
    should display the count until the selected level is reached.

    3) A reset button in the elevator if activated, will take the elevator to level 1.

    4) An emergency switch if pressed, will activate a light

    Thanks in advance!
    asuraseed, Jul 25, 2013
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  2. asuraseed

    alb Guest

    Please include the name of the institute/course/professor so I can send
    the solution to her/him directly. No worries I'll mention your name as
    Does it mean the elevator has to stop at each floor? Quite an
    unconventional elevator I'd say...
    So the elevator has more than two switches... If there are 'buttons' for
    desired level than what is the purpose for the two switches 'up' and 'down'?

    What happens if you press the 'down' switch and then desire to go at a
    higher level?
    Have you ever seen a reset button in an elevator???
    Are all the switches reset by the same reset?
    quoting Wikipedia:
    By its definition a 'switch' is a component that has *at least* two
    _states_, which can be chosen by one or a series of _actions_.

    So what does reset the light (as opposed to the button that 'sets' it
    on)? (I bet the fire brigade...or maybe a power cut)

    After you gather all this information you can at least start to think
    each piece of your design on a piece of paper. All the blocks that you
    need to have and how these blocks 'talk' to each other. After you have
    that you can start implementing it for whatever target.

    At the same time you would need to design a testbench for your design
    and have a test plan in order to be sure that your piece of elevator
    controller does what it is asked for (I didn't have a testbench in my
    first elevator controller task and because of a bug it hit the roof at
    max speed, causing 16 people to die...likely was just an homework! Hint,
    do check boundary cases).

    If it is an *urgent* task than you better hurry...

    As a side note, why do you think posting the same message three times in
    within 17 minutes would increase your chance to get a reply? Did you
    consider at all that people on this group have their own jobs/lives and
    may read this message after hours you posted?

    If you really manage to get somebody to make your homework making you
    gaining some 'free' time, I'll suggest you to spend it reading the
    following articles:


    I hope you enjoy the readings...

    alb, Jul 25, 2013
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