Video: Ryan Dahl: Node.js


Michael Haufe (\TNO\)

Expand your horizons my friend. You're living in a bubble.

More constructively: the implication was made that node.js was the
first and only thing capable of doing what was mentioned. This is
simply not true as was mentioned by David Mark and myself. Your
feelings towards the Windows platform is irrelevant on this point.



David Mark

So, a server in JScript, you say ? yeah, hahahaha, good joke... that
explains it all about you two. (deep smell of windows)

I answered the question, which was how to write such a server in
JScript. Of course, you snipped that part so you could "hahahaha"
like a jackass.

Also, your bigotry is showing and you know full well I'm not a fan of
Windows (by any stretch of the imagination). So what was the point of
your post (other than foolishness?)

Get better, Ry!


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