WCF Service Internet Scenario on localhost, staging, production en


Bill Mild

I just ready through Programming WCF Services by Juval Lowy, and maybe I
started with too complex of a book. Basically, my scenario is setting up a
WCF Service over the internet as part of an ASP.NET 3.5 website. But,
specifically, I'm interesting in how people set up an infrastructure for
testing on localhost machine, rolling to staging, and then rolling to
production with these WCF Services as part of an ASP.NET 3.5 website.

Do most people just set up 3 different endpoints in the same web.config?
One for localhost (without an X509 certificate), another for staging (without
an X509 certificate), another for production (this one WITH an X509
certificate)? Or do people handle this programatically? I have code which
checks by the machine name whether I am on localhost, staging, or production
and then, my code uses the appropriate SQL connection string. I'm wondering
if this approach is used by some and integrated with programatically setting
the endpoint? I mean, I suppose this might be overkill. I suppose when you
are on production, if I have one endpoint for each of the three environments,
only the production endpoint will work. I just don't want to risk exposing
an unencrypted endpoint on production. I'm concerned that I might be missing
something from a security perspective.

And I don't see this quesiton I am raising being raised anywhere on blogs or
forums, which makes me wonder if and/or why my question is a stupid question?

Thanks for any input from the community.

Bill Mild


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