Web application transferred to pocket pc



I have recently taken over the support for a website created in c# that
is designed to run on a pocket pc. The application is built using
standard web forms and controls in the 1.1 framework.

The application works fine in the visual studio emulator but I am
expereincing all kinds of errors when running on a real pda (O2

The autogenerated javascript that is provided by the standard link
button (__doPostback) does not fire the first time the page is loaded.

For example the login screen loads and the user can fill in the name
and password. However when they click the link button absolutely
nothing happens. No error, No action.

If I now hit the refresh button at the bottom of PIE and let the screen
reload, fill in the login details again click the link button it
performs the postback.

The same thing will now happen on the second web form, a refresh is
required of each page before it can be used.

Does anyone know if this can be fixed without having to move all the
code into mobile web forms?

The site scales and works perfectly apart from the fact that every page
needs to be refreshed before it can be used!

Any help appreciated.


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