Webservices Basic Authentication Bottlenecks




Hope someone can help.

I am connecting a .NET service(client) to a .NET WebService via a Squid
Proxy running basic authentication.

To make this work I have created a webproxy and set it to each request.

When the request is made the proxy first fires back a 407 Proxy
Authentication Required.

Then the request gets resent with the proxy information and it goes

Now unfortunately to make this work I had to force Keep-Alive to being
false.("Found this in another post otherwise I got connection problems")

However I think this caused the proxy server to forget about the
authentication and basically every single request to the webservice is
first being rejected and then accepted.

I have roughly 10000 SOAP requests to be made in as short of time as
possible. Content_Length would be roughly 2K.

With the setup as it stands the Webservice is only receiving maximum 1
request a second.

The connection is via an adsl link but looking at the throughput this
does not seem to be the cause of the bottleneck.

The problem seems to be the fact that every request requires

So to sum up

1. Can I force the proxy server to remember my authentication details
for a specified length of time ie Session.

2. How do I go about tracking the bottlenecks of the webservice.

Thanks for your help



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