What do you think about jquery, asp.net and release software faster


Big George


I'd like to talk about some experiences I had last day. At my job, we
had to release an asp.net application in 24 hours. That asp.net
project was already developed two years ago and interacts with an
Oracle database . It worked at that time. Then, yesterday were
requested some changes in database or new functionalities for the web
application to add. The people that originally developed that
application were gone.

We realized that the database design was absolutely terrible. We spent
too much time understanding the tables and schemas.

A co-worker of mine was directly encharged to program the new
functionalities. What he did was to program the new requested
functionalities in jquery and json. He said that these ones make the
application to perform faster. And he is right. jquery and json work
at client side and not server side, which makes the application to
postback less, specially if the application interacts with a database

I dont know too much about jquery or jason, but I think there are
advantages and disavantages.

- programming in jquery or json makes user experience more delighted.
(Validations are done at client side and less postbacks)
- your asp.net application, that interacts with a an Oracle database,
would respond faster in places were bandwith is a problem.

- Spending a lot of time for programming (my co-worker finished after
maybe 14-15 hours)
- Maintaining code gets more difficult. (When new changes were
requested, you should follow and understand logic on the html page!)
- If we program in jquery or json, what for we use asp.net? why don't
program in php?

What do you think about this? Do you think that programming in jquery
or json is a good idea, even if you don't have to release a software
in 24 hours?




the advantages you list are advantages you can have without users json or

but why use asp.net, because you should be using a 3 or more tier design if
you want to have a scalable site and one that is manageable. If you think
you can do with php, then I doubt that you understand Object Orientated
programming or the advantages of n-tier design. Its one thing to make
something happen, its another to make it happen elegantly and in a managed
way, that will perform under load the same as it does for a single user.

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