What would happen when lisp meets prolog in python? Dao and Dinpy arises!

Discussion in 'Python' started by Simeon Chaos, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Simeon Chaos

    Simeon Chaos Guest

    Dao is the new generation programming system implemented by a
    functional logic solver,
    unifying code with data, grammar with program, logic with functional,
    compiling with running.

    Would you please to have a look at my dao and dinpy?

    The feature of dao and dinpy:
    * Mix functional and logic programming like prolog and lisp in python.
    * A most powerful parser is provided, which have the power all of the
    other parsers do not have. below is the list of some parser and
    algorithms: parsec(haskell), packrat, earley parser, glr parser,
    antlr, lex/yacc.
    What's the magic behind the dao? See samples\sexpression.py and
    testsexpression.py for a sample.

    this is the key tips to the dao's dynamic grammar, which will become
    a most powerful tool:

    (sexpression, function(
    # dynamic grammar arises!
    ([Result], and_p(char('{'), sexpression(Expr2), char('}'),
    eval_(pycall(sexpression2daoexpression, Expr2))))),

    ([Expr], atom_expression(Expr)),
    ([Expr], bracketExpression(Expr)),
    ([Expr], puncExpression(Expr))),

    # the kernel of dynamic grammar
    (eval_parse_result, function(
    ([Result], and_p(sexpression(Expr2), eoi,
    is_(Result, eval_(pycall(sexpression2daoexpression,
    Simeon Chaos, Nov 6, 2011
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