Where to put config file for com interop DLL running under ASP?



We have a web application that uses 2 different virtual directories.

- The first is an ASP.NET application that has web services that can be used
to authenticate various clients.
- The second is simply an ASP application, that uses a .NET dll registered
for COM interop, so that it can talk to the other virtual directory.

The problem is that the .NET interop DLL we've been using for a long time,
now is breaking. On machines with .NET 2.0 installed, it's executing the DLL
with the latest framework version, which is bad, because that's not what it's
written for. There may have also been a patch that recently made the problem
surface, but that doesn't really matter.

It's Windows 2003, and the worker process crashes when we try to access the
ASP application, because of the com interop DLL executing under .NET 2.0.

Anyway, I read that this is easy to fix. Simply create a configuration file
for the application, that specifies that it should be executed by .NET 1.1.
We did that, but we don't know where to put it! I tried calling it the same
name as the DLL, but with a .config suffix, but that didn't work. I also
tried creating a web.config for the asp application, but that didn't work
either. Since the application is running under w3wp, where does the config
file go?

PS. We also tried uninstalling .NET 2.0, which worked great, but we need it
on there for other reasons. We also tried setting the .NET version on all of
the virtual directories to .NET 1.1, and even prohibitied .NET 2.0. We then
did an IISReset with no luck.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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