Anyone familiar with the AJAX Toolkit


Carlo Razzeto

I have a question regarding ajaxToolkit:CollapsiblePanelExtender, this is
coming out of version 1.0 of the toolkit. We have a worklist page in our web
application, one of the features is that when certain specific operations
are performed the page is supposed to anchor to the last item touched. This
used to work great, until we did a UI overhaul, and the company we hired to
do it decided to add a "filter control" at the top of the page which expands
and collapses using the above control.

Now, for some reason when the filters are collapsed (default position) the
browser still takes into account the viewable area the expanded control
WOULD be using and calculates the anchor based on that. So when anchors are
"executed" with the filters collapsed the page positioning is WAY off. It's
only correct when you expand the controls. Anyone know of a good way around


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