ASP Library not registered 0x8002801D in OWC11.chartspace

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by STeve, May 21, 2004.

  1. STeve

    STeve Guest

    Hey guys,

    Just want to thank you guys in advance. I am receiving a "library not
    registered" error when I am running this code. I am not too sure why
    this is happening. I don't get this on the "Server.CreateObject"

    Here is the code:

    set chtSpace = server.CreateObject("OWC11.ChartSpace")
    set cht = chtSpace.Charts.add
    set chtConstants = chtSpace.Constants
    set chtSpace.DataSource = spdsht
    cht.haslegend = false
    cht.hastitle = true
    cht.title.caption = "PASS VS FAIL GRAPH"
    cht.title.font.size = 10
    cht.title.font = "Arial"
    cht.type = chtConstants.chChartTypeBarStacked100
    set chtSeries = cht.seriescollection.add
    myRange = wksht.range("A1:A" & asicCount).address(false,false)
    chtSeries.setdata chtConstants.chDimCategories,
    chtConstants.chDataBound, cstr(myRange)
    myRange = wksht.range("B1:B" & asicCount).address(false,false)
    chtSeries.setdata chtConstants.chDimValues, chtConstants.chDataBound,
    chtSeries.interior.color = RGB(0,255,0)

    It is failing on the last line "chtSeries.interior.color" I am unsure
    of why this error is occcuring because this page was working before?
    Any ideas would be helpful.

    STeve, May 21, 2004
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