Bluetooth problems: list of Client and security part for Bluetooth connection

Jan 27, 2010
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I am now on a project to develop an application for mobile devices. My project is “Java based e-voting system through Bluetooth (Mobile-to-Mobile)”. So, I am fully utilized the J2ME and the Bluetooth technology. As for Bluetooth technology, I need at least one Server and several Clients in order to make my program works. For this project, both Server and Clients are using mobile devices.

As for now, I faced some problems on the Bluetooth connection:

1) How I can make the Server to find the list of Client first, before they start communicate (sending and receiving) with each other..??

2) I want to improve on the security part of the Bluetooth connection by making the Server ask for a password first, before they started to communicate (sending and receiving). How can I do that?

Really need helps on these problems.


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