Build or Publish site? 2.0



I am a bit confused with the difference between building and publishing a
website using 2.0.

Currently I build the website up to the server (in the config manager this
is in "Debug" configuration). What is the consequence of doing it this way?
The website works etc but I read that the performance of the website can be
impacted because building it in debug configuration causes the website to not
cache scripts or something like that?

In the configuration manager in VS 2005 there is no "Build" option so I
assume "Publishing a website" is the typical way of doing a release?

I like the ability to build it up to the server as I can quickly open the
project on the server to make some quick changes and rebuild but in
publishing the website you cant do that.

Is there a way to build the site in teh same way as VS 2003 and build it in
"Release" mode?

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