Discussion in 'ASP .Net Mobile' started by Daimy, May 6, 2004.

  1. Daimy

    Daimy Guest

    I've made a compact framework program.
    It will invoke some web service methods.
    The program can be run perfectly in PocketPC.NET.
    But it can NOT be run in PC.
    When it invokes web service methods, error will occur.

    Can you help me ?

    Daimy, May 6, 2004
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  2. Hi Daimy,

    Can you please post the error message? Are you having
    problems accessing the web service through the emulator?

    If you provide more information, I'll try to help you out.

    Jean-Luc David
    Microsoft .NET MVP

    Jean-Luc David [MS-MVP], May 6, 2004
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