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Tech Recruiter - St. Louis

I work for a Technical Solutions company based in the St. Louis area
and we are looking for Senior Level Java Developers / Programmers to
work on a contractual / perm basis for several of our major
clients. If you know of anyone that is in the job market please
have them contact me directly at (e-mail address removed) for more
information. We do have offices nationwide with many opportunities;
I am just focusing on the St. Louis market for now. We offer full
benefits as well as continued learning / certifications, 401k, PTO,
and much more!

Thank you,
(e-mail address removed)





Mark Space

Wojtek said:
Tech Recruiter - St. Louis wrote :

What, is this a job board now?

Go away.

I disagree. Occasional postings are fine (with me, anyway). The OP
posted his website address and a short note describing what the job was
about, and offered reasonable benefits. Much better than the
boilerplate we normally get.