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Effective marketing lies in understanding the behavior of an average user as he uses the internet. Since most users access the internet with a purposewhich is in most cases to look for information, search engines revolve around the most likely key phrases or words used by the user to launch such a search. And hence if your website or blog or any piece of content is "optimized" to play within the search engine s rule, you may find your website listed in the first few results of the SERP or (Search Engine Results Page). Easier said than done, is it not really? PPC or pay per click campaign is that component of search engine marketing which is a type of sponsored online advertising used on a wide range of websites, and including search engines. In this type of online advertising the advertiser pay only if a web userclicks on the particular listed advertisement and hence the namesake- 'payper click.'

Behind the scenes of a PPC campaign-

To begin with Advertisers place bids on these identified or likely keywordsor phrases which their target audience would type in a search field in an attempt to look the particular product or service. Thereon when the user uses these words in the search query which match these identified words /phrases or possibly visits the web page with content containing these keywords or phrases so chosen, this PPC ad may be displayed on the page. With respect to display on search engines, a PPC ad is generally strategically placed just above or to the right of the search results for stronger visibility tothe target audience. In websites however, the ad will be placed in a location which is deemed to be most advantageous to the site as well as the advertiser. So as to clearly differentiate PPC ads from the regular or organic search results that are displayed on a page, these PPC ads are mostly placed under "Sponsored Ads" or "Sponsored Links" for users to view them better above other text or competitor content. Overall, PPC ads are planned campaigns that are beneficial to advertisers and web users alike with measurable results. In a nut shell-

* PPC helps you gather specific feedback on market conditions.

* You are able to assess live audience, accordingly test and gather results..

* You test water with a prototype floated around to track demand and feedback and accordingly step into a new venture.

Launching a focused and effective PPC campaign will require the right foundation in ad words, understanding of search engines and the behavior of the target audience. It is imperative to learn a structured course on PPC and ad words from the right training institute and begin work on your website. At Ace web academy, we provide you with just the right foundation on PPC fundamentals to advanced concepts; a comprehensive training program from the experts at a reasonable cost! Need you ask for more?


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