Hello from Bulgaria

Jun 17, 2023
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Hi everyone.
My name is Viktor, I am 32 years old, from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

I have a degree in Informatics, and 2 years of experience as a professional back-end Developer, and an year as a freelancer. I have about 12 years of coding experience, although mostly as a hobby. My gem is C#, although I can write or at least put together and debug HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, C++ and Assembly. I am a reverse-engineer and like to disassemble other people's apps and learn.

I build my own projects and dream about making a full time job of it, while currently working, from all things, as a window cleaner. I have come to the conclusion that working as a dev whole day to come home and code more is not well suited for me

I like cooking, growing plants and drinking beer. I am also known to write and edit Wikipedia articles from time to time

I joined the forum, in the first place, to get feedback on one of my projects.
This gallery of old photos of my home town is a pet project of mine - you can check it out for fun if you like: greetings from Tarnovo :)
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