how to correctly release a Reporting Services report (out of memory problem)




I am having a problem with Microsoft Reporting Services. I am running a
local report (RDLC) on ASP.Net. Running the report obviously can use a lot
of memory because it must consume ADO.Net. My problem is that the report
does not seem to be very good about releasing the memory.

It appears that the report holds on to memory until the session is
torn down. So, if I run the report over and over, I will eventually get an
Out Of Memory Exception. If I end the session, and then run the report, I
can see that memory is being released.

I used a memory profiler to determine what was rooting the memory:

The ADO.Net datatable is held in memory by the local report. The local
report appears to ultimately be held in memory because something in
reporting services inserted it into the cache. It appears that it
is being released on session end.

I have tried calling the dispose method on the report viewer, but that
actually seems to make things worse (If I call that method directly, then
the memory is not available for collection even after the session is torn
down -- not surprising, I guess given that ht he help for the report
viewer's dispose method indicates that it is intended to be called
internally by the framework -- I just took a shot in the dark).

What should I be doing to make sure that the report releases its memory
gracefully after it has rendered?



Steven Cheng[MSFT]

Hi J.Marsch,

Regarding on this issue, I also found your another two threads in the other
newsgroups. I have replied you in the following thread:

Subject: how to correctly release a Reporting Services report (out of
memory problem)

if you feel it convenient that we continue discuss in that thread, please
feel free to post there.


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead

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