Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage, after install of ap



My company has an 1.1 site that is used by our
representatives/customers. The site is and has been working fine for all of
our users untill recently, a handfull of users have all reported the same
behavior. They go to the site and all is fine untill they click a link to
view one of their orders, which is a dynamic link based on the user's login.
when they click on said link they get the Internet Explorer cannot display
this webpage error. We have determined that the users experiencing this
issue have all also udated another vendors software, this software is a
windows app. only the users who have installed this update are experiencing
the problem. I have obtained a copy of this software, and sure enough I can
reproduce this behavior on a laptop of my own. After, reproducing the
problem though the only way to return to a condition where our web app
opperates correctly is to restore the PC to a time prior to the install of
the 3rd parties' update.

I need to determine what about their software update is causing this issue
and then how can I work around it so that both our Web app and their windows
app can co-exist.

Any Ideas on what this could be?



Gregory A. Beamer

Any Ideas on what this could be?

I know nothing about your application, other than it is ASP.NET. I don't
know what product causes the issue. So, realistically, I have no clue
what might be causing the problem.

Does the other product install a proxy?
Is it a security program that blocks access to certain types of Internet

If neither of these are true, I don't have any idea where to start.

Peace and Grace,

Gregory A. Beamer (MVP)

Twitter: @gbworld

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