job for Java programmer



I know that someone wish not love my post, but I am in problems and this
post will be good for someone here for sure..

In need experienced Java programmer on Linux... my actual programmer is
dissapear and I am over dedaline. I am looking for coder from Ukraine,
Russia, East Europe, Inda (countroes where are not so high salaries, because
I live in these countries). This bid is not high fee ($200), but I prefer
long term work and I'll open new job next month for next $200 by I am looking for someone who can work long term on adding
new features on same project.

Project have 5 general points to be done:
1. calculation scheme (it is 50% of job in fact.. in fact it is calucator
what rotate numbers like

2 3 6 9
4 6 8 0
2 7 8 9

and every number is connected with image in fact: 1 as 1.png, 3 as 3.png
etc. on that way client visualy see result.. but calculation must be smart
that know when and how much money pay out!

2. 3 graphic skins /I have all graphics/ with up-down-over buttons where
images rotate (download game, and run Video slots we'll help you)
3. 2 control panels: 1 simple for add money 2nd few colums what count money
and what wrote results on USB stick
4. LPT navigation: all signals go through LPT (you must use my existing LPT
5. USB stick: one part of game is on USB stick, because next: casino games
are not fully legal here on caffees (but everyone use it), because this one
part, one file or something must be on USB stick. If I remove USB stick than
jukebox mean: I can not see game! I can not put whole game on USB, because
someone can stole game, simple remove 256MB USB stick from jukebox.. because
this one part og game must be on hard disk and one on USB..

contact: (e-mail address removed)


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