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First Post, hello all

So Ive been wanting to get into the world of coding, pentesting, hacking etc. Ideally I think if I can figure it out I want to go down the cyber security route(possibly networking instead). I keep searching for answer to which language to learn first for hacking. Among all the articles I've seen, it always goes back and forth. One will say C or C++ is the best and say python isnt and then another will say python is the best. I plan to learn both hopefully and understand that after learning one. The others will be much easier afterwards. So which would be easiest for a person just starting out keeping in mind the cybersecurity path. Also maybe somewhat irrelevant but just a question I dreamed up the other day, if a person was writing malware or code for malicious intent would they benefit from doing so using a language that isnt well known so that there would be less competition in removing or breaking it(hopefully that makes sense).

Thank you in advance to anyone with info.
Jan 30, 2023
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Starting with Python is often recommended for beginners because of its relatively simple syntax and ease of use compared to other languages like C/C++. It is also commonly used in cybersecurity and has a large number of libraries and tools that can be used for various tasks.

As for your second question, writing malware or malicious code in a less known language might make it more difficult for defenders to detect and analyze it. However, it's important to note that engaging in illegal activities like this is unethical and can result in serious legal consequences. Instead, focus on learning programming skills for ethical purposes and developing a strong understanding of security concepts.

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