Multiple website 1 (wcf) login service for membership



Hi all,

We made a lot of websites, using Membership and Roles providers.
We would like to make 1 WCF service to do the login for all the websites.
The authentication on the WCF service goes perfect but how is it possible to
fill the membership object in the websites?
In the websites we use a lot of code like
Membership.GetUser().ProviderUserKey to get the userid for queries.
Also we use the roles to determine if access to a page is allowed or not
(the standard membership and roleprovider stuff)

Now in WCF I dont see to get the Membership object back to the client
I spent days now looking on the web for samples.
All I found are samples that are using windows or console applications,
which only verify if login is successfull or not.

How can I use WCF service for authenticating and centralizing login and keep
the code in the websites relying on membership and role providers?

(I tthought this would be something lots of developers would do but really
cant find any (good) info for it)

Many thanks....



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