pagewidth and scrollable headings on reporting services report




we have a aspx page using a reportviewer object to run a reporting
services report. we want the report to fit to page-width but it also
has scrollable headings on a table in the report. the page-width
setting and scrollable headings seem to be incompatable, so i am
having real trouble getting this to fit correctly.

i've got asyncrendering=true and webform.reportviewer.width = 100%. if
i cant set the zoommode = pagewidth because the scrollable headings
dont work, i'll have to set it to a %age based on the variable size of
the page being displayed. i dont want to set it to a fixed zoom %age,
because that will leave blank space on some screens, and be too wide
for other screens. the only way i can think of doing it is to try and
get the actual width of the page/control/reportviewer, and calculate a
zoom %age that will fit before refreshing the page view. how do i do

can anyone help?

thanks in advance. ian.


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