Programmable Logic at StackExchange

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Jonathan Ross, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Someone recently added a Programmable Logic Stack on Stack Exchange,
    and it needs more followers to get official status. As most VHDL
    developers can attest, getting information can be difficult, and these
    stack sites (the original is are immensely useful.

    The site can be found here:

    Someone tried to start a VHDL stack but it was too specific and was
    Jonathan Ross, Nov 11, 2010
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  2. Jonathan Ross

    saar drimer Guest

    That was me. I'm glad it's getting a bit more attention, so it can
    become a live site eventually. A couple of months ago I made a pitch
    to comp.arch.fpga (which I follow regularly):

    I explain there why I think the SE framework, even if imperfect, is
    the best option for a vendor-agnostic, "owner-less" (sort of)
    community support site. My post to CAF stopped short of what the SE
    "Area51" is, so I'll mention it here. The proposal needs at least 60
    followers and 5 on- and off-topic questions, each. To count, each of
    those 10 questions needs to have at least 20 on- or off-topic votes
    (and 4 times as many on/off-topic as off/on-topic votes). Practically
    this means that many more than 60 followers are needed. If you choose
    to support this proposal, then please register, click "follow" on the
    proposal page, and then vote on the questions. Also, feel free to
    suggest your own questions.

    When these conditions are met, the proposal graduates to the
    "commitment" stage, where people are expected to commit to participate
    in the discussion of the would-be SE site. With enough committers
    (with sufficient accumulated SE "karma") the site goes "beta" for a
    while, and then becomes an "official" SE site if there is enough

    saar drimer, Nov 14, 2010
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