Python and mysql 3 tier programming


Gary Roach

Hi all,

I'm now to the list so apologies if I don't always follow the local
protocol. My problem is the interface between python and mysql using a
three tier model. First, some background:

System Debian Wheezy Linux
Python 2.7
Mysql 5.5.31
Apache Server

I am somewhat conversant with html, css, SQL, mysql, Apache and Debian
Linux. Actually I have been using Debian for over 10 year. I spent over
5 year, prior to retirement, programming database based applications in
Foxpro. I can also struggle through Java Script. I am just starting to
use python. I've started with development of a rather complicated
document archiving system with about 5 different levels of users and
over 100 years of documents. photos, etc. The database setup has gone
smoothly and other than one trial web page I'm leaving that for later.
Finally to the problem. Where does python start and mysql stored
procedures stop and visa versa. I'm trying to stick to a 3 tier
philosophy but am having trouble figuring out where the dividing line is
between the two packages. Further python seems to like cursor tables a
lot and Oracles Mysql 5.5 discourages their use. Are they talking about
the same thing.

My problem is mostly with the basic architecture of the system. I think
I will be able to figure out the code. Also, any comments on the use of
the Django framework for this project.

Thanks in advance

Gary R.


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