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Aug 10, 2010
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So I have a simple page set up in ASP.Net using VB.NET. I have two buttons and a listbox. One button starts a chat with the server and the other button basiclly it to add text to the listbox.

If I press the button that adds text to the list box it works and I can see the text I put in there by default.

But when I click the button that starts the chat with the server, when it receives data back and I try to add it to the listbox I get nothing. Doesn't show up.

So I tried something else. I made a global variable that is a string and told it every time data is received back from the server to put it into the variable. I figure if I hit the button to add the text and tell it to add the global variable I should be able to see the string...but again it shows the string as nothing.

I'm new to using ASP.Net. I usually program in VB.NET but they want to convert one of my apps to the web. So please bear that in mind.

Can someone explain what I need to do to update the listbox with info from the server?


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