Sending a SMS to a cell phone



Hi there!

I'm new in .NET development. I'm just curious about something.

I want to create an application, so i can send a SMS to a cell phone. A form
with two textboxes and a button (textboxes for the phone number and Message
and a "SEND" button)

Is it possible for any cell phone ?

Is it possible without a contract with a company ?

Do i have to do anything special, or i just can write some code and launch
the application (ofcourse, an internet connection is available :D) ?

What should i do ?

I ask you this because i don't know any sites where i can send as many SMS
as i want. I want to do this.

Thankyou very much!




First of all, to send a SMS you need to have an account with a SMS gateway
(that is if you are not sending the SMS through your mobile phone). So you
do need access to a SMS gateway.

Or you can use a GSM Modem attached to your computer and send an SMS using
the AT commands supported in the modem.




sir please send the code of your programme to my email id
(e-mail address removed) thank you

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